A Unique African Safari Adventure in Africa

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December 3, 2015
Safari Expectations in Africa
March 1, 2016
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A Unique African Safari Adventure in Africa

Hot-Air Balloon safaris in Africa

Hot-air balloon safaris take place at sunrise, which means be prepared to wake up before dawn, enjoy a cup of coffee and a quite chilly drive to where the hot air balloon will launch.

The sense of Adrenalin and excitement will ripple through your body as the hot air balloon slowly fills the balloon with air, slowly rising up above your basket.

The take-off is extremely noisy, and bumpy yet this all adds up to the thrill that enhances the serenity when you reach the cruising altitude.

The noise will punctuate and the quiet whistle air currents will appear from afar… So wrap up or cuddle up because its cold up there.

The land you will see below you will seem quiet, peaceful and as the sunrise unfolds in bright colours on the eastern horizons.

And as the day unfolds, the earth starts to move and wildlife awakens, makes the cool early morning one of the best experiences ever as the hot air balloon will give you incredible views from above.  The balloon will often fly very low over herds unlike helicopters, this will give a full and splendid way of seeing great wildlife migration.

When touching the grounds after a long and splendid trip, a great glass of bubbly will await you on the savannah.

Where to go?

When it comes to finding hot-air balloon safaris, we recommend Africa, if you seeing a complete bird’s eye view trip.

Go on and book that ones in a lifetime experience.

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