Safari Expectations in Africa

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February 12, 2016
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April 13, 2016
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Safari Expectations in Africa

The most common question asked is what I can do on a safari. And in Africa, the answer would be simple. A whole lot more than you will ever expect!

When you do decide to go a safari, you will need to plan your safari, you need to think on focusing on specifics. Are you going on a walking safari, boat safari or a driving one? It is important that you know that there are a variety of activities that you can enjoy. If you enjoy the idea of variety then a great itinerary will offer you this.

This is either by means of a range of accommodations that will give you different opportunities, or by using accommodation types which themselves will offer a range of different types of safari. In the best example of the final, suppleness is the key. The best are the small accommodations, whereby your private guide will discuss your interests what you would like to see with you as well as build your safari accordingly.  It will all depend, if you feel like a walk in the morning or maybe a drive in the afternoon and then you will need to make a decision about tomorrow over a drink the evening.zebras

Some people will like to be knottily involved with every aspect of their safari trip, where the guide will be taking them and what they’re looking to find, animals etc.  But if you will rather want someone else to make the decisions and you just take things as they come, then that’s fine; your guide will always have a plan. They’ll quickly identify where your interests lie and make recommendations accordingly.

For those individuals who love to indulge in a more specialist interest, there are plentiful good safari accommodation types that will be able to help in areas in which we have a reasonable bit of experience.

We have often organised voyage style walking safaris for example, exploring over many days into some of the furthest parts of the African bush. Likewise, for keen safari explores there are some excellent riding safaris within Kenya.

What do you want your first safari to be like or what was your first safari like? Lets Talk! 

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