Why Africa offers the best safari

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March 1, 2016
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Why Africa offers the best safari

Africa has a variety of pull factors within the country and sometimes it can be very difficult to describe the magic and beauty of a luxury safari to someone who have never been to Africa.

Many people come back from their African safari holidays understanding what people are trying to describe.

Did you know that, Africa is the only part of the world which never moved when the oceans were splitting continents? Africa is definitely the centre of our world and below we will explore the reasons why we believe that Africa should be on everyone’s list visiting Africa!!!


This is of course one of the most obvious reasons why many visit Africa and go on a safari, there are nowhere else on this planet with an abundance of wildlife in Africa.

Many already know that there are certain areas in Africa, where wildlife are under threat, giving all more reason to take a flight and appreciate wildlife by simply being there.

Hearing a lion roar or watching an elephant use its trunk or even watching a cheetah run, these are special moments within the wild one will never forget. Seeing the Big Five in its natural habitats while staying at a luxury game lodge is amazing.


Africa can boast with a variety of vast unexplored land which are only accessible to those that know the spots!

Its and truly rare experience, nowhere in the world is there space like this, with beautiful mountainous areas and landscapes, with a mix of deserts, lakes and rivers. This makes Africa one of the most captivating places within the world.


Every country boasts about the fascinating history and culture, and often it blows people mind. Many luxury safari lodges or tents features the heritage or culture of the surrounding areas.


What is your pull factors when it comes to an African safari experience?

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