Top safari destination in Africa 2016

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April 13, 2016
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Top safari destination in Africa 2016

Whether you are thinking about going deep into the Northern Kruger or to follow the big cats in the Cape. A trip into the wild African bushes will be a truly life changing experience.

Below is a list of destination that you must visit on your next vacation.

Botswana – Duba

People believe Botswana lions are one of the biggest in Africa. It has been proven with the big prides of Duba. Something unusual happens in Duba, lions do their hunting at night and most prides throughout the world hunt during the night. Therefore, visitors will have the opportunity watch these creatures hunt, battle and feed their pride.

Duba is 65,000-acres concession in the far north of the Okavango Delta.

Inverdoorn Game reserve – Western Cape – South Africaslider_lion

The beautiful city of Cape Town is one of South Africa’s biggest and most popular cities and the gateway to an excellent safari destination. Just two and a half hours from the bustling city lies Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge, the largest game reserve in the region

Mundulea Reserve Namibia

The reserve is covered in magnificent luscious bushes, yet it’s the exceptional and knowledgeable guide, his vision of conservation sets everything apart.

Northern Kenya

Wild and Vast. The northern side of Kenya, consist of huge horizons. If you seeking an intense involvement into Africa whereby many of us dream about…

Zambia – Zambezi Valley

There are a few other places in Africa that feels unspoilt as the valley. In Zambia, you will definitely have sleepless nights as lion’s roars around your tented camp.

South Africa – Kruger National Park

The Kruger is 24 000 hectares’ concession and is at the significant yet unfulfilled wildlife experiment.

Where will you be going on your holiday getaway? Tell us about it or simply comment.

Africa is a placed to be explored. Don’t Delay!

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