Horseback Safari in Africa

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November 30, 2016
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Horseback Safari in Africa

Wading in the veld with an elephant. Credit: Africa Geographic.

For a magical opportunity to experience wildlife from a fresh viewpoint, try a horseback safari. Being in a saddle offers an intimate way to interact with the nature around, instead driving over it in a 4×4.

What better way to traverse the diverse terrain of the African continent?

If you can imagine galloping along the African plain, wind whipping in your face as the landscape sweeps by, then this trip is for you. When you’re out there, it is just you and your horse. There is a freedom to it. It strips away any sense of security you had while in the safety of a vehicle – it’s just you and nature.

Galloping alongside giraffes

Galloping alongside giraffes. Credit: Belafrique

A horseback safari offers something a little alternative for the adventurers. It is a whole new way to interact with the wildlife. Instead of driving past herds on a 4×4, you can meander alongside a mass of zebra or follow the trail of a giraffe. You are away from the noise and the engine and out of your comfort zone.  Instead, you become a part of the circle of life. It’s just you and your horse, picking a path through the brush.

Horses are sensitive animals, and very agile. This allows you to see far more on while riding than you would in a truck. The horseback safari’s are led by very experienced riders and well trained horses to ensure your safety.

Be sure to check the level of riding skill required before booking yourself onto a horseback safari. It ranges from beginner, to intermediate and experienced. It will not be safe for you or the horse if you embark on a safari that you are unprepared for.

There are many locations around Africa that provide horseback safaris. There is an adventurous safari in the Okavango Delta in Botswana that is very popular. Horizon Horseback and The Ant Collection both offer beautiful trail rides in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Varden Safaris in Zimbabwe also allows you to get close to nature, and in Mozambique you can enjoy a refreshing beach safari. Further north in Morocco, you get to see the Atlas Mountains on horseback. Otherwise you can opt for a long trip across the Namib Desert.

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